** CASSIE - the bravest dog around!! **

dog sitting on owner's lap in waiting room at Barrow Hill Vets

Cassie was brought in to us after being lethargic and miserable for a few days. After investigation, we found that Cassie was suffering from peritonitis, which is infection in the abdomen, and she needed emergency surgery to find the cause.

Supportive treatment (fluids and antibiotics) were given immediately and later that evening, surgery was performed. A perforated gastric ulcer was found which was removed and the stomach sutured together, then her abdomen was flushed out to remove as much infection as possible.

Cassie was very ill for several days and didn't want to eat so had a second surgery to place a feeding tube into the intestines and bypass the stomach so we could feed her. As she was so poorly and hadn't been eating, the protein levels in her blood dropped making her even more poorly. We were able to support her with infusions of plasma and artificial proteins.

We were very worried that we might lose her but Cassie put up a really good fight and over the next few days rallied enough to go home on lots of medications and continued tube feeding (her owners are extremely dedicated!).

After a week she was starting to eat for herself and had the feeding tube removed. Cassie is going from strength to strength and we are so happy she has done so well after such a tough time!


dog Barrow Hill Vets

Tylee was was admitted to the hospital after becoming inappetent, lethargic and was showing signs of shock. Her blood tests indicated severe electrolyte abnormalities (the salts in her blood) and other changes consistent with a problem called Addison's disease.
Addisons is a hormonal disease in which the body becomes unable to produce the steroids needed for normal functioning. Tylee was experiencing what is know as an 'Addisonian Crisis'.
We treated Tylee with steroids and intravenous fluids and thankfully she made a fantastic recovery over the next few days. Tylee was a wonderful patient and very tolerant of the repeated blood samples she needed whilst we stabilised her.
She will need lifelong medication to keep her condition under control but is now back to her usual bright and happy self at home!

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH is Poppet **

dog Barrow Hill Vets

For those of you who don't know.... Poppet was brought to us as a stray in a dreadful state - she had skin infections, mammary masses, eye infections and was also found to be diabetic.
Poppet was spayed, had her mammary masses removed, performed an entropion and we began monitoring and treatment to stabilise her diabetes.
Poppet has since been rehomed and is now called Millie. She visits us regularly and is settling in brilliantly with her new pals.

dog Barrow Hill Vets

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH is Djembe **

dog Barrow Hill Vets

After a few weeks of intermittent lameness, Djembe presented to us with a high temperature and a large swelling, later discovered to be an abscess, in his abdominal body wall.

After a two surgeries and an ultrasound scan, we found a grass seed (see photo) hiding between his muscles. This had been migrating around his body causing him to feel intermittently unwell eventually settling and causing a nasty infection.

This explained why initially his symptoms resolved with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It is suspected that this grass seed entered Djembe's foot initially (causing the lameness) and then tracked up his leg, eventually burrowing into his body wall.

** Grass seeds most commonly get stuck in the feet or ears and are usually easier to find! But as Djembe proves, they can be much more serious. At this time of year make sure you check your dogs for grass seeds after walks particularly between their toes and around their ears **

grass seed Barrow Hill Vets

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH is 'Dear little Lucky' **

Guinea pig Barrow Hill Vets

Lucky was diagnosed with a bladder stone - these stones are often caused by a high calcium level in guinea pigs urine. Lucky underwent an abdominal surgery called a Cystotomy to remove this stone.

General anaesthesia is very risky in small exotics such as rabbits, guineas, mice and rats so we were all exceptionally happy to have Lucky round following her successful operation.

Lucky made a speedy recovery and was discharged home for on-going care the next day :-)

Lucky's X-Rays

x-rays Barrow Hill Vets

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH is Brave Benson **

dog Barrow Hill Vets

Following CT diagnostics, Benson was diagnosed with a tumour on his maxilla (upper jaw). This needed to be surgically removed which involved not only removing the tumour, but a large portion of the maxilla with it!!

This surgery was incredibly complex and we even needed blood products on standby so we could administer a transfusion if necessary!!

Surgery was successful and Benson made an amazingly quick recovery in hospital – he was even eating his breakfast ‘with gusto’ the morning after so we were happy to send him home to fully recuperate.

Benson was wonderful to nurse – so brave and loved a cuddle!

Picture attached is just 3 days post-surgery


dog Barrow Hill Vets

Gorgeous (but very poorly) Sophie came to the surgery after losing weight and becoming breathless on walks.

After blood tests, xrays and other tests, she was diagnosed with a lungworm infection - this had not only affected her lungs, but reduced her bloods ability to clot, putting her at high risk of internal bleeding.

Two transfusions and a long hospital stay later, she is finally on the mend!! She was an amazing dog to nurse - such a gentle lady and such a fighter!!

Attached are some photos of her receiving her transfusion and also one photo of her well on the road to recovery and with a brightness back in her eyes!

Please remember that lungworm can be fatal and preventative products are available

Sophie better

x-rays Barrow Hill Vets

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH goes to...... Saffie! **

dog Barrow Hill Vets

Saffie the Pekingese managed to fracture her lower jaw in a scrap with her housemate!

We used an external fixator to secure the fracture and allow the bones to heal.

Saffie is now sporting (and tolerating!) a 'bumper bar' on her jaw..... She was very brave throughout her stay at the hospital and is coping well at home!!

** PATIENT OF THE MONTH goes to....... NIKKI the gorgeous Border Collie!! **

dog Barrow Hill Vets

Nikki managed to accidentally swallow a stone when playing with her toy on the beach. She ended up with a gut obstruction causing her to be very poorly :-(

We operated on her (after stabilising her enough for general anaesthesia with some intravenous fluids and medications) and removed the stone from her jejunum (which is high up in the small intestines).

As you can see from her xray... it was a rather large stone!! The second picture is Nikki at her post op check 6 days after surgery.

Nikki was very brave throughout her ordeal and is such a lovely girl.

Thankfully, she has made a full and swift recovery!

Nikki's X-Rays

x-rays Barrow Hill Vets

** Chester wins our PATIENT OF THE MONTH **

cat Barrow Hill Vets

Chester came into us when his owners noticed he had laboured breathing. After x-raying him, we found that he had lots of fluid on his lungs which was making it difficult to breathe.

The fluid was found to be pus indicating a severe infection. We placed a large chest drain and for the following days, flushed out his chest removing as much pus as possible. Chester remained in the hospital for a week on a cocktail of... pain medication and antibiotics.

Chester made great improvement daily and throughout the whole of his illness, he was such a friendly boy, just about managing to purr even when we were draining his chest - which I am sure you can imagine, is slightly uncomfortable!!

Chester is such a lovely (and particularly handsome!!) cat and a fond favourite with all of the Barrow Hill Staff. He is recuperating at home and is so far making excellent progress from this life-threatening illness.


Chester's X-Rays

x-rays Barrow Hill Vets